Watkins Group


Watkins Group (Qld) P/L

Building 5,

Masthead Way,

Sanctuary Cove Village 

Queensland  4212

Ph:   (07) 5500 3111    

Fax: (07) 5500 3131

Email:   watkins@watkinsgroup.com.au

PO Box 108, Sanctuary Cove  Qld  4212



Watkins was established in January 1975 and is a Queensland based group, that has constructed major projects in the Eastern States for over 40 years.

The Group provides professional Civil Construction, Contract Mining Services, and Infrastructure Construction to a variety of clients nationally. The group has developed good relationships with it’s clients, by adding value to projects. 

Watkins Projects span the Eastern States from Queensland to Victoria.

Watkins has an experienced management team that has a proven record of maintaining progress of works whilst working within difficult conditions. 

Watkins’ management team have a clear commitment to ensure a safe working environment while maintaining productivity.

Phil Watkins

Managing Director